Discrimination, a source of fun for others but a trauma for someone.

 In our society, it is indeed a trauma to see people who had high regard of themselves.

Discrimination is the world wherein people are so proud of themselves that they belittle others.But are we not also guilty of such attitude? I understand this fact since I committed such mistakes a lot of times.There are instances that I thought, I was just having fun when I laugh at the outfits of my classmates, how I ridicule that their things are not branded, how I laugh when what they wear is not in.Or how bad they look like.I seem like a priest baptizing them with names that either sounds so humiliating or sounds so funny.Or if someone pooped or urinated, and it will be a nightmare for them sicn ethey will forever be the butt of laughter .Do you also remember how we disrespect the parents of our acquaintances by calling them the names of their parents, especially the nicknames that sounds so funny. It is always a scene wherein, in a groupie, I tend to be more at ease and spontaneous in dicriminating when I know, someone will laugh at it. It would be a horror for the person being mocked but for me, it would be a boost of my image. A bad reputation could be but I still find it to be cool.

Discrimination is everywhere and we are all guilty of it.





It is a satisfaction to laugh at them and even worse if other people will join me in laughing, I feel so high and made fun of others, but in the end, am I happy discriminating otehr people? I don’t think so, sinc eat the end of teh day, I realize that what I did was so wrong since I lost repsect of others and at the same time, I hurt God since I ridiculed, mocked and discriminated someone who is an image of God, a person who needs to be treated as a human being and not as a joke.

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