Yesterday was a chaos,
For all the adversities that occurred
Last night was a nightmare,
For all the burden I brought to my sleep

I opened my eyes and stood up,
To listen to the breeze of the dawn
As I pull the blinds and gaze out,
A wonderful scene unfolds that is called sunshine

Other days could be sadness to endure,
But it is a great thing to still wake up
And suddenly the sunrise brings hope,
For a new beginning to face

Consciousness of the realization,
That there is a gift to enjoy
To savor that I have been granted one more day,
To face another journey of life

All of God’s creatures continue to wonder,
The birds flies as the wind breeze
The river flows as the sea continues to wave,
It is indeed another chance to face a glorious morning

My heart swells with expectation of another day of learning,
My eyes are filled with amazement at the beauty of God’s creation
and feel the love of the people around me,
A symbolism of a day to be grateful for the gift of life.

But come what may, my hopes would rise,
As thoughts would dance into my mind
Another day, another chance to be challenged,
A positive awakening it would always be coz I know God is at my side.

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