I-Biz Studio Balaoan

Fashion Photography is always been needed with quality work of art and creative minds.
Quality shots are always expected to be achieved in Manila area but in La Union , the demand for a quality fashion photography is answered with I-Biz Studio of Balaoan, La Union

I discovered the studio when I had a photo shoot and what was my reaction? Oh my..their work is full of quality and artistry.

So basing from what I had researched this is what I-Biz is all about..

Imagemagic Business?

Ohh that is what I-Biz means.

I-biz Photo and Video Studio has been around for more than 4 years now, creating beautiful memories through inspiring photos and videos.

Established by Mr. Hermy Oreal in December of 2007, i-biz is a Kodak Express Shop that caters to studio and outdoor shoots Its creative team have undergone Photography and Videography Workshops and Trainings in Manila, to name some, the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging and Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation.

They are continuously finding ways to improve the quality of its work through online updates & tutorials and reading materials, making i-biz handle its work with exceptional artistry and unquestionable craftsmanship.I-biz stands firm amidst every downfall, never afraid to take challenges and thinks of learning on top of every criticism and failure.

This ethical behavior matched with their greatest passion to bring and share to the world the wonders of photography and videography, i-biz grows, chases the wilderness of your imagination, delights your eyes with its magical masterpieces and touches your hearts with its candid artwork.

That description is the one you could read when you visit the FB Page of I-Biz but for me,

I-Biz is the best photography hub in La Union coz their facilities are full of quality and their works are full of promise to be an excellent image or video.

I was able to experience having my photo shoot in their two studios and KUDOS coz both are good.

I could compare their work to glam shots in studios in Manila but in a more  affordable rate

which is an advantage  for a provincial setting but the quality doesn’t differ.

List of Services:

-Photo and Video Coverage for all occasions

– Photo Booth during events

-Studio Portraits

-Mobile Photo Printer

-Photo Editing and Printing

-Tarpaulin Printing

-Audio-Visual Presentations (projector-widescreen viewing)

and other related products/services

Poblacion, 2517 Balaoan, Philippines

0726070175; 0908-888-0180

Here are some Photos taken by the creative hands of I-Biz


Photos with the owner plus the photographers of I-Biz with the beautiful Mutia ti La Union 2010, Miss Aiyana  Camille Mickiewickz.


Wedding Services:

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