Halo-Halo De Iloko

Halo halo de iloko Balay]! The Best in Town..


The name of the establishment, Halo Halo de Iloko originated from the famous “MUSEO DE ILOKO” of Agoo, the word “de iloko” was added  to speak itself of being an Ilocano from Ilocos Region. The Halo-Halo de Iloko started last April 18, 2004. From the different names that could be used. It was the term “Halo Halo de Iloko” which is simply “Ilocano” that could be hard to define in just one statement but as of now, it coincides with the terms like “La Union’s best!” and “magpasarap ka muna”. La Union does not have that much to offer when it comes to food, though, we Ilocanos has the same taste when it comes to the authenticity of foods. Ilocanos just loved salty, bitter, sour and sweet foods.  The cravings for sweet food is one of the vices of Ilocanos since we just love to eat, and when we do, our meal is never complete without a dessert. It seems like we all have sweet tooth. This fondness of Ilocanos for sweets has led, Mr. Xavier Mercado to put up his business. When you hear the word Halo Halo, people will crave of this smashing iced crushed dessert filled with cooked fruits and milk. From the word “mix-mix”, the popularity of this dessert brings more happiness during summer but with the birth of this establishment, it became available all year round.

Halo-halo de Iloko started as a partnership but in the long run, Mr. Xavier Mercado became the sole owner. From just a halo-halo food outlet for refreshment had grown into a restaurant. The clientele includes  students and young professionals who were friends or relatives of the owners but thru the word of mouth, the clientele had grown and became a hit that not just locals who  became patrons but it also captivated the tourists to be craving for the unique taste of the foods from Halo-halo de Iloko.

It should be noted that, almost all of the ingredients, came from La Union particularly from the owner’s farm in Aringay and would be a proof to the term “La Union’s best” since it speaks for all delicious foods in a glass of Halo-halo and now growing menus became a meal of Ilocanos who were distinct and had been able to make a fusion and innovation of menus and had then produced new menus with fusion of common meals making Halo-Halo de Iloko the resto that doesn’t just boost about being unique but can be proven thru the meals they served.

About sanitation, I was able to have a conversation with the owner and was quite amazed.

During the interview, it was stated that part of hiring procedure was to make it sure that right people will be hired and part of the requirement is that, no smokers and no heavy drunkards or someone who have a clean lifestyle since it is a nature of the owner and his family to have a clean lifestyle thus this part of hiring procedure is somewhat an indication that there is a tough discipline amongst the employees. Aside from the non-smokers and no heavy drunkards, there should also be no tattoos amongst the employees  and no piercing for the males.

On the part of the interior design, the establishment is quite unique in the sense that it is always being mistaken as a museum but works in advantage since it is an attraction with the different and unique displays of old home stuff like ice crusher, old iron and other native stuff. Painting and photographs are displayed with the Wall of Fame wherein photographs of celebrities or personalities, who visited the establishment.

A particular thing to be noted is the fact that no photos of foods are being displayed since the owner believes that to keep the quench for food, they should be eaten and not on display thus the limited space which is cozy, the unique foods of Ilocano delicacies and the native design of the interior, makes Halo-Halo de Iloko to have their own identity.

The partnership of Halo-halo de Iloko with other establishment like its tie-up with Thunderbird, or with the recommendation it is getting from government offices, such linkages then had been a factor for the establishment to thoroughly keep the place sanitized and neat, not just for protection of image but at the same time improve its services.

Another matter that is laudable is their sanitation thus I hope then that they will keep their present method of sanitation of the establishment and of the hygiene amongst the staff since what they are doing is a good pattern for other establishment to follow so that cleanliness will be observed all the time to have a positive output.
Going to Halo-Halo de Iloko is just like dining in the ktchen and share a meal with your family or friends.


Isang dosenang sangkap! Isang dosenang sarap ng BUKO HALO HALO

1. native saba ti La Uniion

2. bukayo

3. gulaman

4. sago

5. nata de coco

6. yema pandan made out of carabao’s milk

7. pastillas de leche

8. corn flakes

9. pulitipot ti Sudipen La Union(caramelized sugarcane)

10. Ube ti SAN GABRIEL La Union

11. quezo

12. mais




Thumbs Up also to their Emparedados..So yummy and will really fill your tummy.



I also love their OKOY Tikyosko but since I am allergic to shrimps, I do request it to be removed but still, it is so yummy.


Amongst the meals, Pork Binagoongan is the best but I take precutionary measures by having a Anti-Histamine with me just to satisfy my cravings for Binagoongan.


The best during Rainy season..SOTANGLAW


Photography by: Rajinee

Enjoy the food at Halo-Halo De Iloko Balay
#12 Zandueta St. City of San Fernando, La Union

(072) 700 2030 / 09193883145 / 0917 852 7919

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