Aiyana Camille “AJ” Mikiewicz (A Mestiza but a True Blooded Filipina)

Aiyana Camille “AJ” Mikiewicz

A Mestiza but a True Blooded Filipina.

Last March 2, 2012, a beauty queen on the rise was declared as the MUTIA TI LA UNION 2012 by the name, Aiyana Camille “AJ” Mikiewicz.

A multi-awarded winner of pageants who is so blessed with beauty, wit and charm who eventually won the coveted crown of Mutia ti La Union 2012.

Aside from her studies, she was involved in modelling and socio-civic activities and keeps on reaping awards and titles in the different pageants in Pangasinan, Baguio City, Ilocos Norte and La Union.

Her list of pageant titles gained her a following from the pageant fanatics that eventually there was a high hope amongst pageant fanatics, wishing she will be going to the national level.

A clamor for 2012 Mutia ti La Union Aiyana Camille “AJ” Mikiewicz for Bb. Pilipinas 2013. Basing from the results of the past years it her Mestiza beauty suits the Miss International crown…but for a change what if a Mestiza will be able to clinch the Miss Universe crown? So let’s see next year if AJ will be able to enter the pageant and eventually hoped that either one of the main crown will be clinched by the Rising Beauty Queen from the North.

Here are some of her glamour shots with photography by I-Biz Studio, Balaoan, La Union, one of the sponsor during the Mutia ti La Union 2012 wherein she was declared as Miss I-Biz Studio.





If she will be able to enter the Bb. Pilipinas 2013 what could be the reasons on how she could  be declared as either Miss Universe Philippines or Bb. Pilipinas – International?

Bb. Pilipinas – International (having mestiza as pageant winners)

“For Bb.Pilipinas-International I believe my best asset would be my beauty inside and outside as a person showing others that it doesn’t matter whether you can tell I am only 1/4 Filipina or not. Its my actions that make more of a difference in showing others how proud I am being a Filipina and to represent my own country in an International pageant would a blessing that I would never forget. “

Miss Philippines – Universe (most popular crown)

“For Ms.Philippines – Universe, I believe my best asset is that I have the heart of a Filipina and determination of what it takes in order to have that chance if given to represent the Philippines in the Ms.Universe pageant. It will be something that will set me apart from my other co-candidates not only through words but my actions will show how determine I am in order to do well and make my country the Philippines proud. ”

For pageant fanatics, this is her pageant titles and her significant experiences ….

Her pageant titles includes:

1. Miss Dagupan Fashionista 2010

2. Miss San Carlos Catwalk Diva Fashionista 2011

3. Miss Panagbenga 2011

4. Miss Agoo, La Union 2011

5. Miss Silka Baguio 2011

6. Miss Laoag City 2012 International Quest

7. Mutia ti La Union 2012

8. Miss Magic 2012


Miss Dagupan Fashionista 2010

“One of the experiences I had during this pageant was when we did our first parada (touring the whole City of Dagupan, waving at people & seeing them smile and wave back) this was my first time doing an event like this in public and its truly something I will never forget”.



Miss Panagbenga 2011

“During the Miss Panagbenga 2011 pageant, we had our pre-pageant (talent night) held at the event center in SM Baguio City. This was my first time performing my first belly dance as a talent in-front of thousands of people who came out to support and watch the candidates show off their individual talent.”


Miss Agoo, La Union 2011

“One of my most memorable experiences during the Miss Agoo 2011 pageant was being able to be a part of the opening of the 7th Dinengdeng Festival. After the float parade, the candidates participated in mixing the different types of vegetables in this big pot they had set up in order to make dinengdeng. It was even televised and I was one of the chosen candidates to get interviewed by GMA that covered the event. I was definitely happy and all turned out well during our participation. ”


Miss Silka Baguio 2011

“During Miss Silka Baguio 2011, I remembered getting involved in community activities (garage sales, attending my brother’s family day event at his school) trying to sell Silka products to family & friends in order to receive the Most Sold Silka Products award. Unfortunately, another co-candidate of mine sold more silka products than I did but the process in doing so is something I’ll never forget.”


Miss Laoag City 2012 International Quest

“For Miss Laoag City 2012 International Quest during our pictorial was something very different and interesting for me compared to the other pageants I’ve been. We had to sit or pose from a hanging picture frame. It wasn’t just any picture frame, it was a silver vintage type frame that was like 1000x the size of an ordinary frame. The set up of our pictorial was really different and the process in posing for every shot was fun.”


Mutia ti La Union 2012

“For me during Mutia Ti La Union 2012 attending rehearsals everyday along with the dancers was the most fun & memorable experience I’ll never forget. It was so much fun working with the staff & dancers that as the day ended, it was to the point where I looked forward to having our next rehearsal day right after. That’s how much fun the production staff, choreographers, & dancers made the atmosphere feel like. I remember during our last day of rehearsing my co-candidates all brought out there cameras and we started taking group & wacky pictures like there was no tomorrow. ”


Miss Magic 2012

“The Magic Treat Kita Kids (MTKK) Show that the Magic Group of Companies set up for the candidates as one of our pageant activities is another experience I’ll never forget. Seeing the smile & excitement on all the kids’ faces as we walked in, greeted everyone, danced, & even participated in a game with them was priceless. Shows like this I believe definitely make a big difference in a child’s heart. Letting them experience the joy of this event is something the kids always look forward to annually. Through this, I thank the Magic group of companies for coming up with such concept for them to enjoy. ”

She has indeed captured a lot of pageant supporters and this is her message to them:

“I value my supporters by maintaining my communication with them through facebook on my fan page: Aiyana Camille “AJ” Mikiewicz.

Thanking and greeting them every time they leave me a comment on a photo or video of mine. Acknowledging how blessed I am to have supporters like them behind me every time they know I’m in another pageant. It amazes me sometimes that even thou most of them I’ve never met before but they have heard my name through other friends, relatives or even on tv (that they’ve seen me get interviewed a couple of times) they still support me all the way.

One of the ways I get involved with my fans to show them I appreciate all the comments they write me is by writing them back on my page or if I do see them in person to take a picture with them. By this they can show others that I am friends with them and at the same time I can break the stereotype of beauty queens not being friendly in person. ”

A very grateful queen who is so humble enough to acknowledge her supporters is a great trait and it is one of her asset to go a long way and a tool to track a longer journey to eventually clinch the national crown.

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